• DLS - a future based, multi-faceted education solutions organization.

  • The Dimensional Learner eagerly integrates personalized and experiential learning.

  • The Dimensional Teacher dynamically uses the intelligent feedback to edit content specific for their students.

  • DLS Platform - flexible, robust & secure. Easily integrates into your IT network.

  • DLS Community - the next generation of collaborative education.

  • Our Courses- media-rich, interactive with adaptive learning pathways & immediate feedback.

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Learning by Doing

Our courses emphasize active learning utilizing real-world examples and scenarios.


Intelligent and Adaptive

Continuously adapts to the learner to ensure they progress in a way that maximizes learning.


Empower the Teacher

Immediate, detailed analytics allow teachers to quickly modify the lessons based on these insights.


We give you the tools to provide & create rich, interactive and immersive learning experiences. Detailed and immediate analytics allow you to continually improve and personalize the courses as needed.

Our Courses are customizable – You can customize one of DLS’s existing courses or author a course on your own. DLS can train your staff to create or modify their own courses.

Our courses are made in modules so you can use all of the course or pick out the modules you want to use.

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Case Study

Read how LEARN RESC is using our technology for STEM Professional Development.

What folks are saying


Terry Contant, Ed.D.

Terry is Science Curriculum and Instruction Specialist at LEARN Educational Service Center.

 Working with DLS to develop innovative professional development experiences to advance STEM education is an exciting exercise in creative thinking and collaborative teamwork.


Dr. Dror Ben-Naim

Dror is CEO of Smart Sparrow. 

 DLS has an amazing team and a great vision that resonates with everything we believe in. They bring deep expertise and true commitment to developing market-leading adaptive courseware for the K¬12 sector.


Brian Talbott

Brian is a leading expert in doing great things in the education world.

 DLS is the adaptive online learning platform of choice - it integrates multiple adaptive platforms to meet specific course, tutoring, and professional development needs.